The Brown Act and Governing Board Meetings

AB 2449: More Teleconferencing Flexibility Comes with Many Hurdles (12/23)
Technical Posting Requirements (11/18)
Employee Discipline Relating to Brown Act Violations and Notice to Administrators (03/18)
Brown Act Revisions — 2016 Legislative Session (01/17)
Sample Meeting Brochure With Public Comment Rules (012/17)
Changing Date or Location of Regular Meeting (10/16)
Changing Date or Location of Regular Meeting Reso (Form)
Adjournment of Meeting to Another Time and Place (12/15)
Boards must now report out all votes (01/14)
In Search of the Perfect Agenda (12/23)
The Art of the Closed Session (01/14)
Legislative Tinkering impacts agenda language for litigation items! (02/13)
AB 1344 Brown Act changes to the Brown Act (01/12)
For Whom AB 1344 Tolls – It Tolls for Thee (05/12)
The Brown Act, An Essential Desktop Reference for Board Members and Superintendents – Revision in Progress
When Are Employees Entitled to Advance Written Notice of Closed Sessions to Hear Complaints or Charges Against Them? (8/09)
Brown Act Issues: The Problem of the Serial Meeting–New Legislation Takes Effect January 1, 2009 -and- “Serial Meeting Checklist” with Grant Herndon’s August 26, 2008 letter from the January 2009 SLS Ethics in Education Governance Workshop for trustees.


The Brown Act and Voting at Community College board meetings and a sample agenda for community college districts (11/09)