The Client Handbook

The Handbook from Schools Legal Service contains a number of memoranda of general interest to the clients of Schools Legal Service. Some are applicable to all districts (K-12 and community college) and to County Superintendents of Schools. Others concern only districts at specific grade levels.
These memoranda are designed to give you background on a variety of topics and help you to deal with situations that confront you on a regular and recurring basis throughout the school year. The effort that has produced these memoranda is part of our preventative law approach to your needs.
If you are interested in reviewing a handbook memorandum, please contact our office for a copy of it. The Handbook is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with attorneys or negotiators in difficult situations. We urge you to consult the Handbook as you deal with situations addressed in the materials and then, armed with that background, contact our office for specific advice. This may help you organize your approach and provide the information we will need to help you accomplish your goals.

Memo 1: Maintenance, Retention, and Inspection of Personnel Records (06/2022)
Memo 2: Procedures for Handling PERB Unfair Practice Charges or Labor Contract Grievance  (06/2022)
Memo 3: Compelling Certificated Employees to Give Notice of Intent to Return For Following Year (02/2024)
Notice of Intent to Return Forms – Districts UNDER 2500 ADA [PLACE ON DISTRICT LETTERHEAD]
Notice of Intent to Return Forms – Districts OVER 2500 ADA[PLACE ON DISTRICT LETTERHEAD]
CTC 44420 Notification Form
Memo 4: Unemployment Insurance and Reasonable Assurance of Reemployment for District Employees (03/2024)
Memo 5: Overtime Compensation (01/2023)
Memo 6: Pre-employment Inquiry Guidelines (01/2023)
Memo 7: Child Abuse Reporting Requirements; The Laws and Selected Discussion Topics – Contact SLS to purchase a CANRA presentation DVD and materials CD
Memo 8: Where Pupils Are Entitled to Attend School; Residence and Custody Issues (07/2020)
Memo 9: Child Custody/Control Disputes and Parental Rights (08/2022)
Memo 10: Strangers on Campus: The Problem of Unauthorized and Problematic Visitors (06/2021)
Memo 12: Student Discipline SLS Handbook
Memo 13: Child Abuse Reporting Requirements; The Laws and Selected Discussion Topics SLS Handbook