Schools Legal Service provides workshops and publications as a service to clients. Many of these publications are available for our members only. Please feel free to contact us about any of the following:
Annual Notice to Parents
Education Code ยง 48980 and other various statutes require school districts to give written notification to parents on an annual basis regarding programs, rights, and services. Each year, we prepare an updated sample of this notice for distribution to our clients.
Certificated Employment Contracts
Employment contracts are now posted for our members. Updated memos and contracts include contracts for:

  1. employment as a probationary certificated employment [see Memo 4];
  2. temporary and/or provisional certificated employment [see Memo 5];
  3. employment of a retired teacher [see Memo 5]; and
  4. employment of an intern classroom teacher [see Memo 5].

Developer Fees
Resolutions, forms, procedures and checklists.
Legislation Summary
Our annual review of new California legislation affecting public schools.

Leave Law Handbook
The most comprehensive manual on this topic in existence!

Student Discipline Handbook
A comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the student discipline process, including useful forms, checklists and scripts.
The Brown Act
A summary of the open meeting law, tailored for school and community college districts.
The Client Handbook
Memos containing practical advice on a host of legal topics of recurring interest to educational administrators.
PLEASE NOTE: These contracts may contain sample language that may not be appropriate for your district. Please carefully review every provision to determine if it should be included in your contracts.