New Procedures for Due Process Hearing Dates

April 2, 2002
Most districts have received a letter from the California Special Education Hearing Office (SEHO) dated March 26, 2002, which sets forth new procedures SEHO will follow related to the calendaring and conduct of due process hearings.
Please take notice that no later than September 1, 2002:

  1. All hearings will be scheduled to begin on either Tuesday or Thursday. No hearings will be scheduled to begin on a Monday.
  2. All participants should be prepared to go from day-to-day until the hearing is finished.
  3. All hearings will be completed within two weeks of the beginning of the hearing.

This represents a significant change from the past practice of SEHO, which was to conduct hearings several days at a time, over a period of several months. The biggest foreseeable change under the new procedures will be the requirement for districts to: (1) ensure the availability of suitable space for the due process hearing for up to two continuous weeks; and (2) ensure the availability of district witnesses for up to two continuous weeks.
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this SEHO letter, or need a copy of it.