SLS Handbook: Personnel Matters

Memo 1: Maintenance, Retention, and Inspection of Personnel Records (06/2022)
Memo 2: Procedures for Handling PERB Unfair Practice Charges or Labor Contract Grievance  (06/2022)
Memo 3: Compelling Certificated Employees to Give Notice of Intent to Return For Following Year (02/2024)
Notice of Intent to Return Forms – Districts UNDER 2500 ADA [PLACE ON DISTRICT LETTERHEAD]
Notice of Intent to Return Forms – Districts OVER 2500 ADA[PLACE ON DISTRICT LETTERHEAD]
CTC 44420 Notification Form
Memo 4: Unemployment Insurance and Reasonable Assurance of Reemployment for District Employees (03/2024)
Memo 5: Overtime Compensation (01/2023)
Memo 6: Pre-employment Inquiry Guidelines (01/2023)
Memo 7: Child Abuse Reporting Requirements; The Laws and Selected Discussion Topics – Contact SLS to purchase a CANRA presentation DVD and materials CD