Student Discipline Workshop

June 08, 2023

Suspension Process: This session will cover the suspension process. Included will be: suspension from the classroom by a teacher; suspension from school by the school principal or designee; the appeals process; and constraints on the authority of schools to suspend students, including the due process requirements, statutory limitations imposed by the Education Code, jurisdictional limitations, the alternatives to suspension requirement, and the specter of discriminatory discipline.

Expulsion Process: This session will cover the expulsion process. Included will be: student due process rights, jurisdictional timelines, requirements associated with conducting an evidentiary hearing, evidentiary rules, the required factual findings needed to issue an expulsion order, zero tolerance offenses, rehabilitation plans, and the readmission process.

Special Education: This session will cover the duty to provide services during discipline, manifestation determinations, changes in placement, and other remedies.

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