March 15th: Certificated Layoffs and Staffing Decisions

The presentation will focus on the following critical aspects of a certificated layoff and other certificated staff changes:
• Creating an accurate district-wide seniority list
• Utilizing staff surveys
• Budgetary impacts of layoffs
• Documentation, deadlines and procedures related to the implementation of a successful layoff
• Procedures for administrator reassignments
• Procedures for non-reelections of probationary employees

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Sexual Harassment Trainings

Schools Legal Service provides informative and up to date mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Training for all supervisory employees. We look forward to seeing you at one of our trainings.

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Construction & Competitive Bidding

Schools Legal Service again presents the annual workshop on Competitive Bidding, Contracting and Construction Law Issues, an informative session covering each important step in the acquisition of everything an educational agency needs to run the business of a school, from basic classroom materials, to technology, and to the classrooms themselves. This SLS classic is offered for Superintendents, CBOs, MOT Directors and all staff who are engaged in the process of acquisition. Topics include all the basic rules, the special rules, the exceptions and exemptions to the rules!

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